Primacy of Existence

‘Existence’ is everything that exists. An ‘existent’ is anything that has existence. ‘Consciousness’ is an existent that can perceive existence.

Two fundamental, mutually opposing assertions that contend to direct the course of Philosophy are: “Primacy of Existence” and “Primacy of Consciousness”.

All the philosophical theories that propose to abandon reason, either outright, or after reaching a point of enquiry (including religious theories), must base on the assertion of Primacy of Consciousness at their foundation, and all of them are false, because the foundation is false.

‘Consciousness’ is an existent, possessed by all life-forms, and defined by its ability to perceive at least some of aspects existence, and its entire content is based on what it perceives. Then it may guide the life-form’s actions over existents, that can potentially further the life-form’s interests. Existence of consciousness presupposes a mechanism (a specific arrangement of other pre-existing existents), that can support such ability of perception. It also presupposes the existence of existents over which it can exert such an ability.

So, it is contradictory to assert that consciousness can exist prior to all other existents, or that consciousness can exist with no other existent other than itself, to be conscious of. In essence, “Primacy of Consciousness” is false  because it is self-contradictory.

Now, the assertion: “Primacy of Existence” leads to the conclusion that the existence of ‘Existence’ is not dependent on whether or not it is being perceived by any consciousness, or on whether or not any consciousness exists at all. The only creative ability possible to any consciousness is to guide the organism to rearrange the already existing existents, after it perceives them. Consciousness can neither create new existents, nor can it negate the status of already existing existents. In essence, Existence is objective absolute. This forms the metaphysics of Objective Philosophy.